Desmopan® UP for high-performance TPU car protection film

In the evolving auto industry, one desire persists – personalized style. Yet, customization requires protection to maintain visual integrity. This is where Covestro’s materials for paint protection films (PPF) provide the ideal solution. With Desmopan® UP, Covestro helps PPF provide 5-10 years of robust surface protection.

The PPF market is accelerating at a robust pace, fueled not only by the booming auto market but also by rising consumer awareness that focuses on surface protection.

A flawless, high-gloss paint surface is a point of pride for many car owners. TPU-based PPF products have shown consumers the possibility of keeping their car paint immaculate. PPF provides comprehensive surface protection for automotive paintwork, shielding it from scratches, stains, and the elements. Once an optional add-on, PPF has now become the preferred solution for most car owners who, apart from protecting the value of their asset, also see the potential of enhancing the price point when selling the car as a used vehicle.

There is also a clear trend toward personalized PPF products. Customers have distinct needs and preferences for their car paint surface. Film processors understand that tailored solutions are key to best serving PPF brand customers and maintaining leadership in this market. While the means of paint protection vary, car owners demand choices that strike a balance between durability and affordability.


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