I4 Recruitment Limited Taken Over New Premises With the Vulcan Road Business

The recruitment consultants, I4 Recruitment Limited is a Norwich based company that has taken over new premises within the Vulcan Road Business Zone in the City. The commercial building used to be occupied by a recycling company. Therefore, before the recruitment could take over the space the old recycling centre need a bit of refurbishment. Part of the refurbishment that has been carried out includes renovation of the main floor area which needed levelling. The work was carried out by Smart Render, another Norwich based company; who used a range of Saint-Gobain Weber products throughout the project.

The building was surveyed at first with the assistance of Weber’s support team, who helped to create the technical specification of the work. The substrate that was originally on the floor of the space sloped in to a central gully and the room required sand blinding in order to establish a reasonable level before the space was covered by a 100 micron weberfloor DPM. The work has been finished to a high standard and will allow I4 Recruitment Limited to apply any other floor covering on to the newly acquired space.

The recruitment company are focusing on creating quality facilities for their staff members. The work carried out on the space that used to be a recycling centre was fast and efficient and has made a significant upgrade to the premises.

Smart Renders began operating five years ago and the company has used webertherm External Wall Insulation as part of a number of different projects that are located around East Anglia. The business is capitalizing on the change from more typically industrial and perhaps more “dirty” practices to more technological processes, there is a demand for the workspace updates that can be offered by Smart Renders. The space at Vulcan Road is a prime example of this change as it has been transformed from a rugged and basically fitted out space in to smart and modern office space. The former recycling space at Vulcan Road will now be used as a gym and a recreation centre to allow I4 Recruitment’s staff the ability to let off a bit of steam.


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