5 Heavy Equipment Rental Companies Every Construction Manager Should Consider


According to recent surveys and statistics, heavy equipment rentals are increasing across the nation, and the trend seems here to stay. Constructions make a dynamic landscape that can take everybody by surprise, especially in our current economy. Renting heavy equipment makes plenty of sense in this day and age, and construction managers are always searching for the best and most reliable companies out there. Of course, along the years, some names stood out from the crowd as visionary brands ready to meet their clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. Today, we will see five such heavy equipment rental companies and discuss their features and benefits if you want to work with them.

1. Hertz Equipment Rental

Hertz is a massive name in the car rental business and, since 2014 it became a model of good practices in the heavy equipment rental services as well. Make sure you read this guide on what to know before you rent construction equipment from Hertz, as you will learn plenty of information on what types of equipment (heavy, electric, construction, etc.) they offer, what truck and trailers they have for rent, what insurance policies they use, pick-up and delivery rules, prices, offers, and much more.

In comparison to many of its competitors, Hertz also offers governmental services – state and federal authorities can now rent heavy and specialized equipment from Hertz when the situation asks for such strategies, and Hertz is happy to oblige.

Such partnerships make Hertz somewhat unique in the heavy equipment rental business and guarantee that Hertz does an impeccable job.

Here is some more information you might want to know about Hertz Rentals:

  • Besides the rental services, Hertz offers you the possibility of buying the equipment you rented if you realize you need it in the long run;
  • If you want new equipment, you can contact your Hertz representative, as they also sell brand-new heavy machinery for plenty of construction purposes.

2. Home Depot Equipment Rental

Do not raise an eyebrow, as the giant home improvement company Home Depot made a name for itself in the equipment rental business in the past few years. In fact, it makes perfect sense to rent what you do not buy from Home Depot, as they are ready to offer you everything you need from small garden tools to massive construction machinery.

The Home Depot Equipment Rental can provide you with tools and equipment in the following fields:

  • Demolition;
  • Cutting and concrete;
  • Floor care and sanding;
  • Fastening and welding;
  • General constructions;
  • Large equipment;
  • Moving and lifting, and many more.

To get a better idea of the facilities, Home Depot can provide you with equipment rental you should find a Home Depot store near you and make sure they deliver in your area. With more than 2,000 units across the country, you will surely find something to meet your needs.

3. CAT Construction Equipment Rental

CAT – or Caterpillar as professional construction managers and workers know it – is a giant in the business. Traditionally, CAT sells some of the best-branded tools and equipment on the market, but it developed its construction rental business in the past years as well – and successfully for that matter.

CAT’s global dealer network has 1,600 locations, and you will surely find one in the area you conduct your construction operations. However, you need to know that CAT heavy equipment rental prices may depend on your location. For this reason, it is better to get in touch with one of their representatives and make sure they can rent you what you need for the price that is comfortable for all parties.

We think that as a construction manager, you already know that the overall U.S. construction spending fell about 1.1% in June this year, so it is better to revise your plans and see how to integrate rental equipment in your project best.

CAT, while is not famous for its low prices, is renowned for its quality tools, equipment, and machinery, and you want to factor in such matters before you move along with your construction objectives.

4. United Rentals

United Rentals is a name to remember if you’re going to rent industrial and construction machinery and equipment. The company, founded in 1997, became the largest equipment rental brand in the world. We have few things to say about United Rentals, in fact, as this leading firm’s results speak for themselves:

  • They offer industry solutions and specialty solutions; in other words, if you know you need some equipment, but you are not sure it exists, or it works, talk to United Rentals first, they may help you faster than you imagine;
  • They have stores in the U.S. and Canada, so you should not worry about finding someone to talk to;
  • Their prices may not be small, but they do have the reputation of offering impeccable services and excellent customer support.

If green building is your game, you will find backing for the construction of LEED-certified buildings and clean construction projects at United Rentals as well.

5. Sunbelt Rentals

One of the Big Five heavy equipment renting companies, Sunbelt showed exponential growth from one year to the next. It expanded in Canada, besides the U.S. and now provides industries and contractors with equipment ranging from the most massive industrial machines to the smallest residential tools.

Now a part of the UK-owned Ashtead Group, Sunbelt Rentals is a large company, with an unmatched reputation, and excellent offers for its commercial, residential, municipal, and industrial customers.

Sunbelt also stands out from the crowd with its determination to turn customer service into art and deliver everything people need promptly. If your concerns are delays and unforeseen events, you can rely on Sunbelt to take some worries off your shoulders.


As you probably know for a few years now, white papers and surveys showed that tech innovations drive increases in heavy equipment leases and rentals. It is one of the primary motives for companies – not traditionally associated with heavy equipment rentals – to pick up the trend and made a name for themselves in this business field. What you have to know is that you may rely on them – and many others – for above-standard customer service. Make sure. However, you compare prices and see how their offers meet your needs.


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