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BDC 317 : Jun 2024

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Former Chancellor Of The Exchequer To Help Surrey-based Developer Build 1,000 London Homes In 36 Months

Halkin Investments CEO Becomes Non-Executive Chairman As part of ME Developments strategy to deliver £400m of new homes over the next 36 months, the Surrey-based residential developer has announced the formation of an Advisory Board and the appointment of a Non-Executive Chairman. Bashir Ahmad, CEO of Halkin Investments, becomes ME Developments Non-Executive Chairman. ME Developments has plans to expand across the Home Counties and outskirts of London, benefitting from a buoyant residential property market. This market activity has increased the availability of innovative funding available from institutions and international investors who recognise the opportunity in the UK’s residential property sector. The company has plans to build over 1,000 houses and apartments over the next three years. ME Developments is a vertically integrated developer with in-house construction, planning and design teams and its chain of estate agencies, all of whom will facilitate the expansion plans. As part of the company’s plans, it has formed a separate division, ‘ME City’, seeking to embark on a series of 200+ unit urban regeneration schemes working in tandem with landowners, shopping centre operators and local authorities. ME City will embark on a plan to revive and bring life back to high streets by combining commercial, residential, and leisure uses. Simon Marshall, Co-founder and CEO of ME Developments commented… “I am delighted His Excellency and Lord Lamont have joined us on our advisory board and that Bashir has accepted the role of Non-Executive Chairman of the board. As we expand, their experience and guidance will be fundamental to our success and help us achieve our 1,000 homes in 36 months target. Beyond that, we are committed to making ME Developments one of the UK’s leading residential developers contributing positively to the UK economy and creating jobs. Gerry Waters, Co-founder and COO of ME Developments, commented… “We continue to build high quality homes across London and the Home Counties that meet the demands of expanding families and the demographic shifts brought on by Covid-19. With considerable opportunities ahead of us to build even more homes, we are delighted to now be working with an Advisory Board of such esteemed individuals who, along with Bashir, can ensure we achieve our aspirations and beyond”. Bashir Ahmad, Non-Executive Chairman, commented… “ME Developments is a tremendously exciting company. They have the skills and drive to become leaders in their field, and I am delighted to be part of the team to deliver much-needed housing across London and the Home Counties. I will be working with ME management team to take the company to the next level and create value for its clients, investors, staff and shareholders. I am very excited to be part of such an enthusiastic group of people! His Excellency Shaukat Aziz and Lord Lamont commented… “It is clear the UK has a desperate need for housing, and we are delighted to advise ME Developments as they strive to deliver homes where supply remains limited. The company’s executives are committed to delivering high-quality homes, and we are looking forward to aiding and advising them on their journey.” About ME Developments ME Developments is a dynamic Surrey-based residential developer focused on delivering quality housing across London and the Home Counties. Established in 2014, the company has already completed £100m of housing projects ranging from luxury homes to urban apartments, each of which demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing quality homes and unrivalled attention to detail. The company was co-founded by ex-Alhokair Plc (Saudi listed) CEO Simon Marshall and Gerry Waters, along with several industry experts across a range of activities from construction through to design and marketing. As a fully integrated organisation, the company delivers all aspects of the design process in-house and ultimately sells completed units via its chain of estate agencies. About His Excellency Shaukat Aziz His Excellency Mr Shaukat Aziz was elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan and served from 2004 – 2007, following five years as Finance Minister from 1999. Mr Aziz was the first Prime Minister of Pakistan to complete a full term in office. Mr Aziz restored his country’s credibility at home and abroad and is renowned for his strategic approach, structural reforms, transparency and ability to focus on what is best, not simply what is politically expedient. His policies were based on liberalisation, deregulation and privatisation, accompanied by strong regulatory oversight. Mr Aziz’s tenure was marked by high economic growth, increased per capita income, poverty reduction, an upsurge in investments and improved debt and economic indicators. He became Finance Minister in 1999 and was named “Finance Minister of the year” for 2001 by Euromoney and The Banker magazine. As Prime Minister, Mr Aziz co-chaired the UN Secretary Generals Committee to promote reform and coherence at the United Nations. In recognition of his services to Pakistan, he was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws by his Alma Mater, The Institute of Business Administration, University of Karachi, Pakistan. In 2014 Mr Aziz was appointed Senior Visiting Research Fellow at Green Templeton College, Oxford University, United Kingdom, where he also chairs their annual Emerging Markets Forum. Having presided over impressive economic growth in his country, Mr Aziz offers an expert view. He is a frequent speaker on the world’s challenges, including structural reforms, diplomacy, geopolitics and security. Mr Aziz is a member of several boards and advisory boards of various commercial and non-profit entities worldwide. About Lord Norman Lamont Lord Lamont (Norman Lamont) was at the centre of British politics for many years. He was a Cabinet Minister under both Margaret Thatcher and John Major and was a member of the House of Commons for twenty-five years. Norman Lamont was Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minister) from 1990-1993 and introduced three Budgets. He inherited the policy of membership of the ERM, which made it a difficult and controversial time to be Chancellor. This culminated in Britain’s exit from the ERM in September 1992. Many Economists have attributed much of the economic stability and low inflation enjoyed in his first years by Gordon Brown to the

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