Brand New Material “Desmocomp” Designed By a German Firm Up For an Award


A brand new material known as “Desmocomp” designed by a German firm known as Covestro Deutschland has been declared the winner of the much sought after prize for the most sustainable material at the JEC Group Awards. This new material was made as a response to concerns about the durability of materials in front of adverse weather conditions. Most significantly however, this particular product was aimed to tackle the problems faced by materials when exposed on a daily basis to Ultra-Violet rays. The greatest resource of energy in this solar system, the Sun, is also the greatest attacker of materials and can savagely affect their durability.

Yet Covestro Deutschland have developed an alternative to this by using a special polymer that provides specialist protection to the material. This would actually therefore saves costs for potential manufacturers who would not have to pay for hand-applied UV protection and would equally help to save time. The special polymer also enables “Desmocomp” to not only be protected of the rays of the sun, but also the sprays of graffiti artists. It is additionally capable of resisting other forces such as high temperatures and even protect itself from various harmful substances or liquid solutions that might be applied to it.

To summarize, it is very clear that the product will attract the attention of numerous potential clients as well as the admiration of prospective new entrepreneurs. What is clear is that the product will undoubtedly cause a sensation when the products are put on display in Paris, France. With the development of intelligent polymers in the business sector, JEC’s recognition of such new investments in different materials is a sure sign that the new product’s popularity among businesses is certain, and its clever composition of elements indicate that it will be able to be used in a whole new variety of different manufacturing contexts.


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