Kirbky Sees a Sky-High Rise in Business Development

The Merseyside area of Kirkby (where the original meaning of the expression “a Kirkby kiss” denoted the legendary rough reputation of the locale) has had a fantastic Christmas this year that has injected much-needed enthusiasm into the local infrastructure and economy. A survey and evidence from St. Modwen’s indicates that the area has increased in popularity, as shown initially by the fact that a record number of almost 6,000 people who made it to see the town seasonal fairy lights display switch on in December.

This is wonderful news for the population of Kirkby that demonstrates the area’s increasing popularity as a holiday destination and a festive fireball in the Merseyside area that could one day (who knows?) rival the city of Liverpool itself. Similarly, the town metropole’s popularity soared during the Christmas season, with an increase totaling of up to 70 per cent in added “likes” on the Facebook page: if social media popularity isn’t a sure indication of what people truly feel about the town of Kirkby, then I don’t know what is.

Indeed, the area’s head honcho, the manager named Mike Matthews, has been ecstatic and boasted that the area has enjoyed an incredibly lucrative and popular time this year’s Christmas, despite the uncertain economic climate that the area and country have been facing over the course of the last few years. Many people turned up in their thousands to revel and witness the fabulous variety of aspects that the town had to offer and this should prove to be an incredibly good sign that the area will progress itself into the future of the post-Brexit economy.

Indeed, with such an impressive increased fallout to the town’s main area, hopes are high that the area will increasingly prove to be a vital hub of interest to visitors and explorers of the locations in and around the Mersey.


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