BSRIA pleased to announce the relaunch of its information topic guides

BSRIA is pleased to announce the relaunch of its information topic guides with the first release of its ‘At a Glance’ series TG07/2015 At a Glance – Airtightness available to download from the BSRIA website now.

The BSRIA Topic Guides are designed to be an ‘at a glance publication’ introducing readers to key industry topics and suggesting further reading. BSRIA’s Information Centre is relaunching the guides with the aim of offering an introduction to key topics in the industry providing readers with an understanding of the area and how they can learn more. A new addition to the topic guides will be a feature by a BSRIA expert on the subject, offering a fresh insight. The airtightness topic guide features an insight into the legislation by BSRIA expert David Bleicher, Publications Manager.

BSRIA’s Information and Knowledge Manager, Jayne Sunley, said: “The topic guides are a great way of providing members and non-members alike with good information that will hopefully clarify some of the questions they have about topics they are new to and offer a starting point for anyone looking to learn more. The addition of the expert insight is just a way of showing readers that there is more to the topic than they might have first thought.”

TG07/2015 ‘At a Glance’ – Airtightness offers readers a view of why airtightness is important for building stock and how a building can be tested. It is now free to download from the BSRIA website for members and non-members alike.

Future 2015 titles in the ‘At a Glance’ series will include: Legionella, Data Centres and Smart Technology.


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