HSE Myth Busters: Legionella testing

The subject of testing for legionella in domestic water systems of let property continues to do the rounds.

There is no better advice on this subject than from the Health & Safety Exectuive (HSE) themselves and they have published a very useful article on legionella testing in let property.

In essence, Health and Safety law doesn’t require landlords to produce a ‘Legionnaires testing certificate’. Legionella testing is required only in exceptional circumstances, and generally not in domestic hot and cold water systems.

Exceptions to the rule

There are, of course, exceptions (student houses sitting empty over a warm summer being a classic) and the HSE site provides guidance specifically for landlords. It is important that lettings and property management staff are aware of the subject and assess the risk of legionella to catch those exception cases.

However, we are pleased to report, it’s clear there is no need to burden the industry with needless legionella testing.


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