Multi-award winning Evolve reveal how construction businesses can protect their bottom line


The construction industry is at the forefront of the UK’s vibrant business community; working in partnership with clients and suppliers to keep Britain at the lead of domestic and international markets.

But, those working within the construction industry have a lot more to contend with than just ‘building a better Britain’ (if that weren’t enough) and navigate a highly competitive marketplace daily both as vendors and suppliers.

So, imagine if we told you that you could potentially save up to 30% on your rebates, would you like to know how?

Evolve are market leaders and innovators, helping organisations deliver sustainable change. Managing rebates can be a timely and costly process, not only for suppliers, but for buyers across all industries. However, with Evolve’s cloud-based solution e-Bate, there is now a better solution.

Leanne Bonner-Cooke, MD at Evolve, explained, “Our e-Bate platform was born from the needs of our customers’.  We had multiple clients contacting us to develop bespoke systems for them to manage their rebate process and make it more effective and auditable.  Each one of them needed fundamentally the same thing: a solution which was simple to use, but had the flexibility to deal with setting up complex rebate agreements and accurately calculate the accruals and payments, providing them with workflow authorisation and a comprehensive audit trail.”

Currently, many builders, extractors, merchants and maintenance companies still retain manual systems for managing their rebate process. Although they work for some businesses, rebate systems are open to human error, which can lead to costly results. They can be extremely complex to setup, maintain and run, as they often require a multitude of multi-tier calculations, including retrospective and one-offs. Impossible to audit, old systems are unable to offer clear evidence of your calculations, should they come under scrutiny from your company or auditors. In addition, they are unable to offer real-time rebate information, which could support your sales and buying teams to negotiate the most preferential rates and agreements.

In short: manual rebate systems present a real risk to the construction industry, where buying and selling materials are often on a much higher scale.

Leanne revealed, “On average manual rebate systems carry a 30% error rate.  To put that in context: if you process £3m of rebates, that’s a potential loss of £900,000.  Now, some businesses may be able to take that hit to their bottom-line (although I can’t imagine many want to!) but consider a small business with £10,000 of rebates – that’s a substantial £3,000 hit to them year after year.”

e-Bate has been developed to fulfil even the most complex of rebate requirements. It is fully scalable and can be integrated with your existing ERP and IT landscape, which provides both commercial and finance teams with a clear view of their rebate position at any time. The availability of rebate data in a single source allows businesses to effectively manage cash flow, and helps to drive better decision making; both from a sales and marketing or procurement perspective.

If you’re not certain if this has an impact on you, can you afford not to find out?  Evolve have created an ROI calculator [] to help you assess the impact, with a conservative 25% error rate factored in,  it’s got to be worth seeing for yourself?



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