As a result of a recent contract, Helmsman e-Learning, the construction specific on-line health and safety course providers, have launched an e-Learning Academy ‘package’ for contractors who need to have training on large sites.

International construction services company ISG, one of the UK’s Top 20 construction companies, asked Helmsman to set up a suite of e-learning for one of their largest construction projects based in Europe. The objectives are to ensure that everyone on site undertakes basic health and safety training, but also to offer a wide range of more advanced courses to address specific training requirements.

Head of ISG’s Academy, Guy Fairweather, says: “Setting up an e-learning Academy for the site not only ensures that all operatives have consistent and high-quality health and safety training, but it also addresses a number of key objectives for our business. It offers free training to all site workers, which is recognised by labour unions and Local Authorities as highly beneficial to the wider construction industry, and helps ISG reduce our carbon footprint and increase operational efficiencies by moving away from less flexible classroom training.”

Craig Hendleman, Business Development Manager for Helmsman e-Learning says “Having successfully put together a package for ISG, it occurred to us that there are many major projects where we could provide contractors with the same service. In the UK, Section 106 Agreements often contain requirements to train both operatives and the wider community and providing e-learning is a means of achieving this at very economical rates. It also accomplishes a Client’s Corporate Social Responsibility objectives and, because we deal with all of the administration, it causes no added burden on them.”

Helmsman uses high-impact, video-based courses, many being RoSPA Approved but all of them are designed to bring home the impact of working safely. The e-Learning Academy will also give clients a comprehensive Learning Management System for recording purposes and there are possibilities of gaining CITB Training Grant towards the learning – and Helmsman, whose main business is managing the training for construction companies and running two large CITB Training Groups, are probably the only on-line learning provider that can help clients with such advice.


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