L-BOXX transport case system: Keeps tools and accessories close at hand during transport


To support fast and efficient working, FLEX has now replaced the existing “Box on Box” transport case system with the proven L-BOXX. The familiar system was developed for secure storage, protection during transport and portable use. The L-BOXX is suitable for tools, accessories and consumables.


The L-BOXX is available in four different sizes and is designed for a loading capacity of up to 25 kg per box. Inserts inside the boxes allow professional and clean storage. In all box sizes, the case lids have a load-bearing capacity of up to 100 kg and provide reliable protection for the entire contents even during rough transport and conditions of use. At the workplace, the robust, splashwater-protected cases impress with their quick accessibility and clear, organised storage.


All it takes is a click to join and separate the boxes

All L-BOXXes can be individually combined and comfortably transported with a robust “Easy-click-and-go” system, up to a total weight of 40 kg. This means that tools, compatible accessories and the associated consumables are intelligently pre-sorted and quickly available where they’re needed. No more time-consuming backwards and forwards between the vehicle and the building site. For additional loading safety, the L-BOXX system can be integrated into the crash-tested vehicle racks of Sortimo and Aluca.



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