ProCure21+ (P21+) Framework procurement process


The existing ProCure21+ (P21+) Framework expires in September 2016 and we are announcing the commencement of the procurement process for a successor framework.

The procurement process will be undertaken in accordance with the provisions of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and a Prior Information Notice (|PIN) will be issued in the near future for publication by the Official Journal of the European Union and Contracts Finder. The procurement process will be completed by the end of September 2016.

P21+ is a Capital Construction Framework run by the Department of Health (DH) for the NHS. It provides clients access to Fully Integrated Supply-Chains (main building contractor working with designers and SMEs) without NHS Trusts needing to undertake a lengthy and costly tender process themselves whilst enabling the delivery of cost efficiency savings for the NHS.  Trusts select a Principal Supply Chain Partner (PSCP) and their Supply Chain that have been pre-tendered (i.e. selected via a tender process for the framework) by the DH. Once engaged, trusts will directly develop and deliver the scheme in collaboration with the PSCP and their Supply Chain, in accordance with the provisions of the Framework Agreement. DH provides implementation guidance, guidance tools, training and performance management of the PSCPs and their Supply Chains.

The ProCure21 Frameworks, first started in 2003,  have delivered over £4 billion worth of projects; they range from ongoing maintenance/small works to major (> £50 million) high profile schemes. Trusts spend around £600 million per annum through the framework, equivalent to a quarter of their share of the total public capital budget.
The major benefits to the NHS are that projects are being completed on time and to budget and to the required quality or better and DH has been able to collaborate with the NHS and industry to deliver cost efficiency savings to meet Cabinet Office targets.

The current ProCure21+ Framework has recently received the following awards:

•         The British Construction Industry Award 2015 – Product Design Innovation Award – Building (for the repeatable rooms) – received on Wednesday 14th October 2015
•         The National Construction Excellence Award 2015 for Integration and Collaborative Working (for the repeatable rooms) – received on Friday 23rd October 2015

More information on the current P21+ Framework can be found on the P21+ website:


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