The Construction Industry’s Latest Health and Safety Statistics


The Construction Industry’s Latest Health and Safety Statistics

We know that work related injuries can occur in any commercial sector, and that companies should adhere to health and safety regulations to decrease the amount of accidents occurring.

This 2014-2015 health and safety report indicates that:


While 3% of workers suffered injuries that they believed to be work related:

  • 15% were from other illnesses.
  • 20% were from stress, depression and anxiety.
  • 64% were musculoskeletal disorders.

Annually around 69,000 construction workers in Great Britain were suffering from an illness which they believed to be caused or made worse by their work.

A breakdown of this is:

  • 45,000 were cases of musculoskeletal disorders.
  • 14,000 were cases of stress, depression or anxiety.
  • 10,000 were cases of other illnesses.

Other illnesses include; respiratory disease, occupational asthma, silicosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Other health conditions that can affect construction workers include occupational cancer and skin disease.

The report however, also shows that over the last decade the rate of work-related illnesses have had a downward drift. The annual average rate for 2013/2014 is around a quarter less than from 2003/2004. From this musculoskeletal disorders have also decreased, whereas depression and anxiety have remained level.

Further information on this report can be found at Building maintenance is essential in making sure employers are compliant with health and safety regulations. For PAT testing, drainage solutions, or for anything else contact Chequers Contract Services.


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