The Milwaukee vs. Dewalt Product Battle


As two of the biggest names in the power tool market, Milwaukee and Dewalt have many similar products in their ranges, with the consumer ultimately left to work out which one they believe to be best suited to the job at hand.

In order to assist with this often difficult decision, the team at CBY Tools have created a Top Trumps style graphic which pits the Milwaukee M18BPP2A-402C 18V Heavy Duty Twin Pack against the Dewalt DCK255M2 18V XR Li-Ion 3 Speed Twin Pack to see which comes out on top.

Factors under consideration include max torque, drilling capacity and accessories, with points awarded to the winner of each round, with an overall winner announced at the end.

As a great little resource to assist when making the difficult decision between the two products, check out the interactive product battle by clicking here and discover which of the Milwaukee or Dewalt comes out on top.


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BDC 299 December 2022