A new software programme that generates detailed ‘reality meshes’ using photos taken with any digital camera could boost construction works.

The Bentley Systems software stitches together photos to produce highly detailed 3D models which can be used to create ‘fly through’ videos. The photo-textured, geographically located 3D model can be detailed to millimetre accuracy.

The software was used by digital aerial mapping specialists Aerometrex to produce a 3D map of the city of Philadelphia in preparation for the Pope’s visit to the US city in late September.

Source: AEROmetrex

Aerometrex technical director David Byrne said “With Context Capture, we’re able to automatically construct highly detailed 3D models of virtually any size for our clients, faster and at much less cost than with traditional methods.

“But what’s most powerful is the amazing context that it provides to facilitate better decisions throughout design, construction, and operations.

“We think ContextCapture is going to revolutionize the geospatial industry.”