Workers needing to carry out tasks at high levels have a number of solutions available to them but the most effective, particularly in crowded or tight areas, is for them to use scissor lifts.

These unusual looking but effective lifts essentially power a platform to the required height so that the work can be carried out safely and efficiently. There are also useful for lifting heavy loads between heights.

They are called scissor lifts because when they are fully extended they look like pairs of scissors one on top of the other and they are usually on a four wheeled base which is rugged and versatile. Many of these scissor lifts can be used on rough ground or in hard to reach areas.

Use scissor lifts in difficult locations

It also means that the workers don’t have to erect scaffolding since scissor lifts can reach up to 17 metres in height and with the outriggers fitted they can be levelled quickly to provide stability.

Many of them are battery-powered and, because they are fume-free, these lifts are the safest to use indoors and with a variety of platform sizes they can be used to carry out a wide range of duties.

One of the strongest reasons for using a scissor lift is that the worker is always in control, the controls for operating the lift are on the platform where the worker will be so there will not be any miscommunication between the worker and someone on the ground to operate it.

Among the many uses apart from busy offices are in hotels, industrial sites and retail stores. They can be quickly and effectively put into place, the job carried out, and the scissor lift then removed without the need for expensive or time-consuming scaffolding or by using other types of lift.

Scissor lifts are also particularly useful if there are several locations to be visited in the course of carrying out a job on the same site because this can be done quickly by the workers.

Because employers are responsible for the safety of their workers on jobs anyone looking to hire or buy scissor lifts should be looking at the safety features.

These include having political cut-outs to stop the lift working in an emergency, toe guards help protect the feet of the workers and, this is essential, total stop brakes to help prevent the entire lift from moving when work is being carried out or loads are being put onto it.

It is also crucial that any scissor lift conforms to EN1570.

How to choose the scissor lift you need

Scissor lifts come in all shapes and sizes so the requirement for whatever job is needed will vary from user to user but they should be portable and easy-to-use and, where necessary, have non-marking tyres to help ensure there is no damage to floors and that the lowering speed can be controlled easily.

As stated earlier, there is a wide variety of scissor lifts available and some are available in single or double scissors and the platform can be raised either hydraulically or with battery operation.

The options for anyone wanting to buy or hire scissor lifts include having a second brake to help ensure safety and security, and there’s the option of using a safety skirt and rubber mat to help ensure the lift does not slip from its position.

With so many options and a wide range available, anyone looking to buy or hire scissor lifts could be forgiven for being confused as to what is available though anyone looking to hire a scissor lift is probably in a much better position.

There are lots of providers of scissor lifts around the UK who will be willing to give help and advice on which would be most suited to a client’s needs. For instance, CW Plant Hire in Liverpool have a strong reputation in delivering a top quality service with well looked after equipment.

Their experience in providing powered access to difficult places is second-to-none and they have a wide range of scissor lifts for a number of different purposes.

Like many of their fellow plant and tool hire providers, CW Engineers strive to provide an impressive service with equipment that is not only safe but is well maintained to ensure that the workers and the job that needs doing is done as safely and efficiently as is possible.



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