Asset delivers AMP6 pumping chamber project


Asset International, producer of Weholite large diameter plastic pipes, is set to deliver a large number of new AMP6 projects in order to help improve the water infrastructure of the UK.

As a key player in the water management industry, one of the first projects Asset International have helped to implement is the upgrade of Heage pumping station in Derbyshire, which is owned by Severn Trent Water.

Asset has a long history of delivering successful projects for all the UK water companies and were the natural choice for a project that came with a number of complexities, principally that space was extremely limited on site, with restricted storage capacity space for construction materials and waste. Additionally, the pumping station is adjacent to an area of ecological importance, and so green credentials were key.

The refurbishment of the Heage works is being led by principal contractors Nomenca, who were charged with the role of upgrading existing facilities at the pumping station. Heage is just one of hundreds of pumping stations across the UK that will be undergoing remedial works as part of the AMP6 investment programme, as water companies look to update the country’s aged water infrastructure.

Having previously worked with Asset on a number of projects, Matt Bates, Project Manager at Nomenca, knew that the site’s unique requirements could be met by Asset, whose innovative,  approach to solving construction problems, by utilising modular techniques, appealed to the contractor.

Part of what the site required was a wet well pumping chamber that could be lowered vertically into the ground, to a depth of approximately 4m, in one lift. To meet these conditions Asset manufactured a 3.5m diameter by 4m long chamber, which was prefabricated and tested at their Newport factory, before being delivered and installed on site in just a few hours.

It is believed that adopting such an approach saved Nomenca almost a month on programme and as a result had a major reduction on associated costs. Additional benefits to the contractor were the reduced health and safety risks and environmental impacts.


Matt Bates from Nomenca commented: “This contract at Heage SPS was a great example of Production Control. All parties from design, supplier, construction team and the client worked collaboratively to deliver success. The Weholite packaged pump station is the largest size that has been installed at present within STW and achieved the AMP6 goals of 30% quicker, 20% more efficient and 30% more productive.

“NMCNomenca are promoting Weholite packaged station within the STW Framework to include both Infrastructure and Non-Infrastructure work streams.”

Shaun Kalies, Sales Director at Asset said: “Thanks to our superb design team and manufacturing expertise we are able to fabricate products off site and supply them in modular form so they can be installed safely and efficiently on site. This enables us to deliver one of our key client promises – better value.

“We have worked with Nomenca and Severn Trent Water for many years. They have an innovative and forward thinking approach to project management and were early adopters of Weholite technology. We look forward to working with them throughout the ongoing AMP period.”

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