ECA Edmundson Electrical Awards Relaunched


Most recently the ECA Edmundson Electrical Awards, amongst the most highly regarded and historic awards within the industry, has seen a fresh launch and look. Aiming to catch the interest of the modern engineer and electrocution, the award has been adapted to appeal to a more technical, technology-focused audience. Having been run since 1975, the awards exist to apprentices and trainees to reap credit for their work, thus facilitating their ascension up the career ladder within the electrotechnical sector; naturally, a range of prizes are offered also.

It won’t be until June that regional winners will, in fact be announced, however anticipation is rife over the newly relaunched awards. Following on from the announcement, judging will then be undertaken over the course of summer, with a winner finally being decided in September and presented in front of leaders within the industry as well as other entrants – an exciting event to say the least.

As Edmundson Electrical has a proud running history of investing back into its workforce, it is no surprise that the organisation continues to strive to support those entering the industry on an apprentice or trainee level. “People make a company and people make an industry,” explained Gordon Love, Managing Director of Edmundson Electrical, and this statement flows though the backbone of the awards, set to identify those people making a difference. In addition, the awards also showcase the excellent level of workmanship which employers might hope to employ through finding apprentices of their own, which is something traditionally heralded as a way forward in the present times of skill shortages.

Keen to encourage more individuals to pursue a profession in the industry is Steve Bratt, Chief Executive of ECA who highlights the “misleading impressions” put into the minds of people about the opportunities available in the wider industry. It is hoped that, through the awards, awareness may be improved as to the real opportunities available improve interaction with aspiring professionals. He added that the awards represent a: “Fantastic way of recognising the achievements of young people in our member companies.”


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