Electrorad Brings Home Heating Into The 21st Century


Who knew radiators would get so futuristic? But, as Electrorad’s range of Digi-Line electric radiators proves, heating has entered the 21st century in a big way. The wireless programmer has unveiled a new control hub with wi-fi gateway called Touch E3, an app which allows users to wirelessly control the heating of their home. This allows complete management of the home heating experience and provides users the ability to activate radiators where ever they be in the world. Just got off a plane and are two hours from home? Get the house warmed up before you get there with Touch E3!

“We are excited to take this revered range to a whole new level,” said managing director, Richard Brown, revealing that the Digi-Line range was named one of the best products of 2015 by Professional Electrician. “Digi-Line is renowned for providing an efficient and easy-to-control alternative to traditional gas central heating, and this latest technology will now facilitate the ultimate in flexibility and energy management, enabling homeowners to match their heating to their lifestyle.”

Features include constant and auto programming modes, as well as providing better management of frost protection, holiday modes and other elements of the heating system. The easy-to-use software is enhanced by the use of smartphones, tablets or PCs having access to the entire management of heating controls. Users can even set rooms to different temperatures depending on their needs.

In addition, data capture will allow users to cut costs, increase energy efficiency and save their own precious time through the CleverTouch App. The device will even tell users the exact temperature in every room with additional information adding to the flexibility of the functionality of the device such as an indication of the thermostat set point and the current heating mode.

Digi-Line radiators have proven popular with plumbers in recent years when seeking heating systems for domestic extensions such as conservatories because they can be fitted without having to run from the existing boiler. That’s because the radiators, which are available in many different types and sizes like their gas-powered cousins, are filled with thermal fluid which is heated by energy-efficient elements evenly across the surface.



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