How Machine Stretch Wrapping can cope with Today’s Packaging Problems:

Why it’s Important to Wrap Responsibly:


Stretch wrapping is an extremely important component of the packaging and shipping process. Although it may initially appear to be simply a way of safely unitizing and shipping products it is also a representation of your company, it leaves an impression. When receiving a large amount of products machine stretch wrapped then that is, of course, the first thing that the customer will notice. If it has been wrapped carelessly, the client will lose faith in the quality of the product, however if it has been packaged appropriately it is yet another reason for a customer to return to the company. This means that you must consider your image when choosing to wrap your products, it must be done neatly and efficiently, the packaging speaks volumes about the company it’s coming from.


Today’s Issues:


There are a number of problems in the packaging industry, some are issues that come with the field (cost-efficiency) and others have found there footing in modern society (going green). Stretch wrapping, although being the chosen method of wrapping for many years, can offer solutions to both old and new problems.


Firstly, all companies will want their product to be cost-efficient. For the protection given, the product itself is one of the cheapest wraps available on the market. The machine stretch-wrap gives you an extremely efficient way of protecting and packaging your products, the machines perform the wrap with minimal wastage meaning that you will get every penny back on the wrap itself. The elasticity of the wrap also gives you more for your money, using the machines can give the user stretch percentages of more than 100%, however if you were to stretch manually you will only get up to around 40%. In conjunction with this, quite often the cost of the stretch-wrap machines will be cheaper than any other form of wrap available.


The machine stretch wrap also offers efficiency in other areas, one of the most significant ways that it allows you to be more effective is when taking inventory, by neatly unitizing your products in high-stacked groups you will be able to take stock much faster than if everything is sprawled out everywhere. In general, using a machine will also help to package more efficiently, it will be far quicker and allow you to work through a load easily with minimal wastage.


Being Green:


One of modern societies biggest issues is a problem that affects almost every company working today – making and keeping your company green. Customers have become aware of the costly effects of not being ‘green’, consumers are becoming more and more concerned with the way that their products are sourced and packaged. It can become an extremely powerful marketing tool when a company goes green. That is why, if you are environmentally conscious, stretch wrapping is one of the best options for packaging your product. You can protect the product with minimal wrapping while still keeping it safe and well-protected, this will also help in the aforementioned issue of efficiency, getting more for your money. As well as this, being plastic, usually the machine stretch wrap is entirely recyclable. The value of being green is not to be underestimated, it is a big issue and notice is taken when a company makes the effort of being environmentally aware.


Machine Stretch Wrapping is overall an extremely useful product, it meets the demands of today’s market and also works with today’s societal issues. It is not expensive in comparison to other packaging products and can also do the work efficiently, without wasting time, money or the wrap itself. Machine Stretch Wrapping is a product that has been chosen time after time and it’s altogether unsurprising when you consider the benefits.



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