How the Lithium Ion Battery Might be Your Saving Grace


It was just last year that I found myself on the hiking trail of the Scottish West Highland Way, completely isolated with my teammates along with a heap of snow and cold weather. Our expedition was cancelled and we had to complete a newly arranged one later that year. This may be an odd way of relating what I have just told you to energy and power, but for many people, a reliance on power and energy is vital. Batteries come in two types; consumer and industrial. The majority of us are mostly familiarised with consumer batteries, the easily replaceable and recognisable small parts needed to power our remote controls and annoying presents on Christmas Day. However, many people will not take in to consideration the industrial style batteries used in the more powerful forms of technology such as Metabo power tools, as well as any wrapping needed to transport these items with products such as machine stretch wrap.

My above statement may seem unfair however if you are in an employment sector demanding that you deal with industrial style batteries daily. This article is aimed at those using heavy industrial batteries and the benefits you could reap from investing in a new and innovative type. Lithium Ion batteries are a new form of battery with three key benefits including; no charge memory, a low self-discharge giving them a low maintenance and only one needed regular charge. The specialist cells in the new LiHD model mean that the power within the tool it is used in is given a higher current. Lithium ion came about as an alternative to normal lithium batteries which used metal and gave them a real instability. As well as when their non-rechargeable aspect when first introduced in the 1970s. The scientific aspect of how lithium ion works is by using three aspects as its conductor; a cathode, anode and electrolyte – a metal oxide is used for the cathode and a porous metal for the anode.

I make as much effort as I possibly can to stay in touch with my best friend – my granny. Since coming to university this has become a bit of a challenge, but I make sure to phone her at least once a day. We discuss many different issues; including politics, religion and the current state of the economy. I know, you envy how much of a life I have. When I was in search of a job, I asked my granny why it was she thought it was harder to get a job and this lead on to the economic state of the country. I am not condoning this opinion or in fact saying it is correct, but my granny explained to me, in her opinion why employment in Britain currently stands the way it does. She puts it down to a lack of productivity and idleness within a lot of people, and because of this employers become more and more reluctant to dish out jobs and will only hire the best of the best. There are of course websites such as Search which offer a vast range of employment in various and exciting career sectors.

So, if you happen to be the employer, you may question how you are able to increase productivity in the workplace. Well, if your company involves the usage of power tools you may be in luck. As I have mentioned before, the lithium ion battery is rechargeable with no memory effect and when you are not using the battery it has a slow loss of charge.

SNAPCO is a Scottish based company and a major supplier of Metabo power tools, in particular the Metabo 18 V LiHD battery, a battery including all of the benefits I have noted above. As well as this SNAPCO also offer great packaging, with stretch wrap products – a product often overlooked by most of society when it is something needed to transport most of society’s material needs – maybe even their lithium ion batteries…


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