LED Lighting Installed at Farmfoods’ Avonmouth Centre


As part of a project both designed and then provided by Minimise Energy, a leading provider of innovative energy-efficiency technologies, Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lights have now been fitted across Farmfoods’ new distribution centre at Avonmouth. Tailored to the needs of Farmfoods, where temperatures may drop to as low as -22°C where frozen-food is stored, the completed project is able to effectively withstand these low temperatures as well as responded to changing levels of natural light across other areas of the centre, such as office spaces, and provide great benefits for Farmfoods as a result.

As a leading partner for organisations looking to reduce their on-going energy reduction goals, as well as enhancing the bottom line also, Minimise Energy works across a wide range of energy saving, monitoring and reporting products, most notably including LED lighting. Additionally, the organisation also offers specialist lighting and optimisation for electric motors, gas and electric boilers, and also for air conditioning systems.

The centre now has multiple roof lights which are able to cover approximately 15% out of the ambient area of the root, admitting forms of natural light which have also been factored into the lighting design as a whole. Additionally, sensors have been added to the ambient parts of the centre so that these lights can then respond to whether or not there are individuals actively in the building at a given time, and adjust the available lighting accordingly – a major contributor to the energy efficiency of the building.

Providing some commentary on the exciting project, Farmfoods’ Property Development Manager, William Scanlon explained the importance of balancing the maintenance of its frozen-food, in the perfect conditions, alongside that of promoting energy efficiency to be of the utmost import. He also added that the designing of the perfect LEDs as well as property lighting control is one of the key ways in which Farmfoods will be aiming to achieve its efficiency goals.


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