Lighting Control Gets Easier With CP Electronics’ Innovative App


The first smartphone apps from energy-saving lighting control specialist CP Electronics have been announced in what the company says forms its response to the every-growing demand for convenience and simplicity of use. A leader within the sector for both design and manufacture, director of new product development at CP Merlin Milner says the new apps will significantly help customers to take “complete ownership” of their lighting requirements including enabling users to make energy, cost and time savings.

CP Electronics has built a reputation helping companies reduce their operating costs and carbon footprint through cost effective lighting systems as well as applying its knowledge and skill to achieve similar results in heating and ventilation control management.

We have an app for almost all things nowadays but CP Electronics’ innovative control of lighting will almost certainly be ahead of most competitors given the company’s track record. Suitable for infrared-enabled mobile devices, users will be able to control their systems remotely with the development of UHS7 and UHS5 replicating the functionality of hardware already in circulation. To put it simply, users will be able to update their Facebook status while turning the lights up, down, on, off.

In line with CP’s mission to deliver sustainable solutions that include energy-efficient lighting controls to the market, the intuitively-designed app is available through the Google Play Store and provides all the information the user needs to integrate the system with other CP Electronics infrared devices and basic programming set-up. The company’s latest innovation allows for the possibility of significant cost and energy savings while giving the user greater management over their lighting usage.


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