New Energy Division Launched by BAM FM to Reduce Energy Consumption

A brand new division launched by BAM FM, dubbed BAM Energy Limited has recently been launched with the intention of assisting clients in cutting back on their power consumption through the design and installation of sustainable power systems (comparable to biomass heating methods, CHP systems, photovoltaics and heat pumps) on behalf of a client over the course of the construction cycle of a brand new development; the value is then recovered over an agreed time period by means of a power purchase agreement, where the client then purchases its energy from BAM Energy at a competitive price.Reid Cunningham, Interim Managing Director of BAM FM, stated: “The purpose of establishing BAM Energy is to broaden our services and offer customers more choice…We find that clients are often unaware of green energy options or daunted by the upfront capital investment. Using our expertise, we can help them find the best energy option and facilitate its implementation.” Cunningham then also explained: “Our aim is to be able to offer clients the best energy options to suit their needs, regardless of budget restrictions.”

Measures to cut back on power usage then include the changing of present lighting installations with LEDs, utilizing sensors to regulate lighting or the usage of sensible meters to manage heating systems.


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