Significant Efficiences to be Had with the Use of Intelligent Software


Intelligent data capture software could yield significant advantages in the construction sector and lead to more proactive practice, according to new research carried out by an independent consultant and the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The report, carried out in colloboration with Project MainStream, suggests that pairing circular economy ideas with the data generated by intelligent software contributes to a fertile platform from which to innovate that would result in a built environment that is more “flexible and modifiable”. It continues that, in such a circular economy, all roads, bridges, public areas, sports amenities, office buildings and private properties would be linked to “a digital library” that could provide up-to-date information on the assets’ components. This data would not just allow predictive upkeep and performance models, but would additionally be “a platform for a secondary materials market”.

According to the report, “The connectivity of constructions could pave the way for closing the material loops for the largest source of waste in modern society.” It goes on: “A key reason for the value degradation of building material is the lack of knowledge of material composition or value. In addition, the utilisation of buildings is poor, resulting in inefficient resource use.”

The introduction of new, advanced technologies might then provide industries with the lead they need to manage waste more effectively and, as result, make considerable savings.


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