Final approval has now been granted for the construction of a brand new stadium for Tottenham Hotspur, with 61,000 seats for fans, at its present site. The stadium, which is valued at £400m will also have a retractable pitch so that it is able to play host to both traditional football as well as American football games, of which it will host two per season. And while the project does highlight a great piece of news for fans, it forms part of a larger goal for rejuvenation in the surrounding area which will no doubt support the local community in the times to come.

The project, which has been dubbed the Northumberland development project, will include a centre for sports and health, as well as a 180 bedroom hotel. Warmington House will also be transformed into the club’s own museum. Additionally, it has been confirmed that there will be 585 homes developed at the site, with a confirmed minimum amount of £48.4m granted from this side of the development for the improvements of the stadium itself. The goal is for the project to be completed in time for the start of the season in 2018.

£28m has been invested directly by City Hall from the Mayor’s regeneration fund and the London Enterprise Panel as part of the goal to rejuvenate the surrounding area – this includes investment into Tottenham Hale station, employment, training and highway improvements. And nodding to the integral role of the stadium in the community, Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, highlighted how the venue is steeped in history and that, through the development, it will be able to increase capacity by almost 100% as well as provide first-class facilities for football, sports events and concerts.