CITB and HBF to Support Housebuilding Sector with Training


Presently it could be argued that a lot of pressure is placed on property developers and local councils to deliver on residential housing schemes, bring about further affordable housing for residents, and do so quickly. Yet, often overlooked when considering the housebuilding arena is the widely reported skill shortages for the construction industry; a concept which, by inherent nature holds back the construction industry from delivering housing schemes as frequently; something which we may see the CITB making great ground on resolving.

In support of filling the skills gap, and facilitating the sector’s ability to deliver more housing, the CITB and Home Builder’s Federation have teamed up to offer a £2.7m initiative to deliver essential training for 45,000 new housebuilding workers by 2019. The first scheme of this sort, the partnership, the newly dubbed Home Building Skills Partnership will look to reign in organisations of all shapes and sizes to ensure that the industry is well equipped with skilled workers.

To achieve on its ambitions, the focus will then include individual initiatives to promote collaboration for key skill areas from the top to the bottom of the supply chain, thus placing the industry in a much stronger position to plan for the future. And with considerable targets set out for the housing sector thus far, this support is expected to be quite well received.

Aiming to support greater than 3,500 businesses in the building industry, the partnership not only aims to ensure that the aforementioned 45,000 entrants are equipped with the housebuilding skills needed to support the industry, but will also see additional training provided to circa 1,000 experienced workers in the industry, offering them brand new housebuilding training schemes and associated qualification.

Providing his thoughts on the scheme and its role, Brandon Lewis, Housing and Planning Minister commented: “The Home Building Skills Partnership is an important initiative and will help deliver the training of skilled workers we need to get the job done and to improve quality across the industry.”


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