Liebherr Crane Arrives At Crowland


Liebherr is a leader. The industry knows that. That’s why the company accounts for such a high amount of new mobile crane purchases (to the tune of 40%) in the UK. Yet, not everyone has enjoyed the chance to work with Liebherr and Crowland Cranes of Peterborough is one of those companies. Serving the UK with used crane sales and service requirements for over three and a half decades, Crowland has historically steered clear of brand new cranes. That is until now.

Over the past decade, Crowland has experienced successful growth and sees its latest investment as a way to continue that progress. It approached Liebherr with its requirements – as managing director Peter Issitt says, Crowland required a “versatile” crane that enabled it to offer customers something “a little different” – and was recommended the compact LTC 1050-3.1 mobile crane.

The LTC 1050-3.1 is definitely “a little different”. Liebherr calls it “unusual” with its all-terrain three-axle chassis but sporting only one cab. The vehicle can travel on the UK’s roads thanks to its front position which is then raised thanks to a hydraulic arm for its core operations. Flexible in nature, the cab can be raised when lifting while offering a 20 degree tilt for ease-of-operation. Liebherr attests that it can work as a traditional 50-tonne crane for all terrains or as either a city crane with its unique compactness or industrial crane with its impressive turning circle of 6.1 metres. This – in its full specification profile – has now been added to the Crowland fleet at its Norwich depot. This means Crowland’s customers have access to a far-reaching two-fold swing-away fly jib with integrated assembly jib, extending the crane’s reach to an impressive 36 metres

Crowland’s managing director said the company has developed a strong bond with Liebherr and that the whole experienced of buying from them was a positive one. He is eager to see the relationship continue in the future with additional Liebherr units added to the fleet over time.







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