Didcot Recovery Update


Following on from the unfortunately incident last Tuesday, it has been confirmed that emergency services are presently working hard on the recovery operations at the Didcot A Power Station, with the differing subsections of the emergency services each working together to maintain the safety of workers while trying to complete the operation now described as the “recovery of the bodies”.

Recognising the difficulty and stress which is placed upon the families with loved ones still missing, Scott Chilton, Assistant Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police stated: “Our priority remains to return them to their families and we continue to support the families as needed.” And although hope may still yet be maintained as the rescue of those still missing, rescue teams commented it to be “highly unlikely” that those still missing will be found alive, in contrast to the positive outlook previously maintained.

The first demolition worker to be named as deceased in the unfortunate situation was Michael Collings, age 52. The remaining three missing persons yet to be retrieved from the site have yet to be named. Partnering with the emergency services, the HSE is working alongside to establish the potential cause of the unfortunate accident.

Although news is still being awaited on the recovery of those still missing, emergency services have thus far been praised for their reactive response to the incident and the hard work undertaken by the combined emergency services in the recovery of those affected. While the cause of the incident still remains unknown, the support offered in the aftermath, both from emergency services and from RWE, the client of demolition contractor, Coleman & Co has been notable, with a clear community forming around the incident to support the loved ones of those still tragically missing.

For further updates on the progress being made at the site and the associated rescue operations, check back for the latest developments as and when they are reported.


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