Engex and Ethos Invest into Aspire Trainees


Most recently, Engex and Ethos have displayed commitment to developing the industry leaders of tomorrow by securing a range of tools and equipment for twenty one of CEF’s latest sign-ups to the Aspire Commercial Graduate Programme. A two year programme which, from the outset, is dedicated to transforming people into the industry’s future leaders, Aspire aims to provide an understanding of all areas of commerce, including everything from the manufacturing cycle through to the management.

Pushing understanding on every level, the scheme recognises the importance of perceiving business topics from multiple perspectives, with trainees undertaking physical, manual work on-site with an electrical contractor so as best to understand the role and its respective challenges. With trainees on the scheme generally considering it to be an exciting way to learn all aspects of electrical wholesale, the Aspire programme equips trainees with the information and understanding required to support the delivery of CEF’s service in the future.

In ensuring safety and proper standards, of course, it is integral that trainees have the right tools to perform the job, which is where the investment from Engex and Ethos comes in to help. Recognising that CEF views adherence of the latest health and safety regulation, Ethos’ Divisional Manager, Ian Par exclaimed: “We are happy to provide the latest, state-of-the-art technology testers to start trainees off on the right foot.”

Of the tools provided, each received a combination of essential tools including screwdrivers and pilers, as well as a socket tester, continuity and voltage tester, and a multimeter. And from this stage, the trainees will now work towards the next stage in their training, where they will be learning from industry experts and gaining the understanding they need on the actual needs and requirements of the contractor from the wholesaler. Regardless, the support offered by Engex and Ethos is a great help.


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