Featuring HVAC: Interview with Ian Davey, Director of HVAC


Originally founded back in 1985, HVAC is a specialist in the provision of tailored mechanical and electrical solutions, incorporating general ventilation, kitchen ventilation, air conditioning, electrical and pipework services to provide a comprehensive offering for clients. And it is this ability to deliver a fully turnkey solution to clients which sets it apart from many of its direct competitors and enables the company to offer a service far more akin to comprehensive project management, than that of simple tin-bashing and supply.

Not only does the company stand out from key competitors through being able to offer a fully turnkey company, but HVAC also excels in the way in which it provides this service. Understanding that no two projects are the same, the company has a framework of project delivery which is both flexible yet simultaneously structured to ensure the provision of a high quality cradle-to-grave service. But of course, whilst many companies might boast a similar ethos, with HVAC, it isn’t merely words alone, as the company’s ability to both develop and install its own products allows for a degree of flexibility that is second to none.

As Ian Levin, current Business Development Manager for HVAC explains: “I actually know the company as both a customer and a supplier, and what attracted me to work here was the service provided in terms of product engineering and installation. The flexibility the company also brings is of note and, where other contractors might say ‘no’ or find it too awkward to fit in with a particular situation, HVAC is very flexible in that respect and we really do go the extra mile. It’s all about that can-do attitude, with the ability to say ‘yes’ before the question is even asked.”

But of course, in enabling the company to do this, HVAC pursues an approach to business which supports the understanding of customer needs, possible only through close liaison. But of course, this level of communication isn’t pursued only at the outset, but through the entirety of project delivery as Levin continues: “Whilst we’re running a project we’ll keep in contact with the client all the way through. We’ll give them lots of feedback on the progress of the job. This means the customer isn’t left waiting, sitting back and hoping that no news is good news, but is instead kept up to date with everything that’s going on. Effectively, this makes the customer feel very looked after and doesn’t have to chase us all the time; we get to them before they get to us.“

Additionally, this flexibility and intuitive approach to product development and installation also allows for the company to operate in line with a safety-first agenda, not only developing products which are suited to the task at hand, but also ones which can be safely delivered, installed and maintained on a premise to ensure a level of corporate responsibility that goes well above and beyond the norm. As such, it is of no surprise that the company has already achieved OHS 18001 standard for health and safety in addition to being CHAS accredited and having further qualifications of ISO 19001 for quality, and ISO 14001 for environmental practices; truly, HVAC is a role model in responsible business and boasts an ingrained health and safety culture on each and every level of service delivery.

Then providing comment on the CHAS audit, and the benefits which it has brought to the company, Ian Davey, Director of HVAC explains: “CHAS, from a customer perspective is expected for a lot of work and, because not everyone has come as far as we have with OHS 18001, CHAS is positioned as a bit more user friendly and ensures that contractor teams, if they don’t have the ISO accreditations in place, that they’re working with someone who has a comprehensive health and safety procedure in place, which we do.”

Through these accreditations, it’s fair to say that HVAC maintains a very strong position within the industry, and one which we have no doubt it will continue to maintain. Looking to pursue a growth strategy tied to efficiencies in the coming times, only time will tell how the company fares ,but with such a sustained strategy in the pipeline, the future is surely bright.


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