Featuring The Ringley Group: Interview with Mary-Anne Bowring, Director & Owner


In times of economic uncertainty, it is of incredible importance to the modern leaseholder that they are able to monitor how their properties are being managed and then, in turn be able to control their own destiny and where they live. Understanding that only through transparency and communication can this degree of confidence be assured to leaseholders, this is where the Ringley Group enters, offering a service which revolves around the core principal of 100% transparency and the development of clear and achievable property ambitions.

Originally established in 1997, the Ringley Group is one of the UK’s leading providers of property solutions, maintaining a diverse service portfolio which includes, but is not limited to: surveys, valuations, legal services, property and facilities management, and sales and lettings. Based in Camden Town, Ringley manages circa 10,000 properties and is nationally recognised for its responsible and green approach to business. Preferring to restore rather than replace, a sustainable business approach maintains a solid position within the Ringley ethos, alongside that of its notable dedication to transparency.

“See what we do. Understand what we do, and then, we’ll help you to build a strategy,” explains Mary-Anne Bowring, Director & Owner of Ringley Group. Through the collation, management, analysis and feedback of a vast wealth of property data, Ringley covers all the bases to keep owners informed help them understand both the position of their property today, and what needs to be achieved tomorrow. Then, by engaging Clients in intelligent discussion the right strategy for the block Ringley works to build common purpose for the benefit of all, Ringley is placed not only as a responsible manager of property assets, but also as an innovative company one keen to partner with owners as an incredibly important, but sometimes overlooked, stakeholder in the future of the property.

In facilitating this partnership it is undeniably essential, however, that Ringley is able to maintain a clear view of the challenges and opportunities which leaseholders must have an understanding of to develop these strategies. As Bowring furthers: “We believe that the problem in our industry is that a lot of the problems are intangible. If the customers aren’t seeing what’s going wrong, or what’s happening every day then they might think that not much is going on. However, if you’ve got a block of 500 leaseholders, you’ve got a lot of people you will be interacting with, yet you still have that one who doesn’t know what you do. We have a lot of strategies to make what we do more transparent, for example: every time we go to site we email everybody to say we’re coming, primarily to open a channel of communication where they can ask us to look at things specific to them, and we send them our report afterwards.”

Providing clear connections on all contractor works orders, checking, visual inspection, and before and after photos represents just one customer wish implemented. As such, Ringley’s approach to keeping the leaseholder informed is notable, however, this isn’t the only way in which Ringley inspires an informed approach to business. Being one of the most well established and innovative agents within the property services arena, Ringley also participates at industry events and round table forums so is definitely abreast of the latest changes and developments, in addition to being an influencer of these too. Consequently, the company professes expertise beyond the bricks and mortar of a single property, and can develop client strategies after also taking into consideration the industry developments most relevant to them.

Nodding to the company’s position at the forefront of the industry, Bowring furthers: “We are involved in high-level arenas, which underpins our kudos in terms of being a thought-leader. People would rather work with a progressive company; our industry participation serves as a sign that we’re up to date with best practices. Most consumers, however, are possibly unaware of enough of what goes on in the industry due to the diversity of our remit – one day you’re a politician, the next day you’re a company law expert, the next you’re a building pathologist, then you’re an accountant; it’s the sheer range of what we actually do that is quite confusing for some consumers.

“Part of our core mission is 100% transparency, because we believe a Managing Agent can only be fully valued and appreciated when people actually understand what we do. It’s not just about doing, but also helping people to see and understand the what, the why and the when of all aspects of our role.”

Positioned as one of the most well-equipped agents in the sector, Ringley is one of the few providers of property services both willing and able to tackle many of the most interesting and difficult challenges which the modern leaseholder has to deal with. Seeing each and every new client as an opportunity to overcome these challenges and develop a leaseholder’s ambition into reality, the group is one with a clear capacity and willingness to work across projects of all shapes, sizes and archetypes. For those with property ambitions, yet bereft the technical know-how to reach them effectively, there’s the Ringley Group.

Then looking to the future, Ringley has it’s own clear and decisive plans for growth and, through expansion into brand new extra office space and associated capabilities, the company looks to take the next natural step to grow, expand upon its service portfolio and adapt to the changes in the market itself.


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