FMB Highlights Apprenticeships as Springboard to Success


Good news for those looking to pursue apprenticeships in the construction industry. Despite already being heralded the “way forward” for construction companies looking to overcome skill shortages within the industry, new figures released by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) highlight how the opportunity truly does go both ways.

The figures, which form part of research undertaken by the federation for National Apprenticeship Week, showcase that almost 60% of small and medium enterprise owners actually started their career as an apprentice. Even more startling, it was also shown that over 50% of such owners actually managed to break off and start up their construction firm within a mere seven years of completing their apprenticeship; a true builder to business-owner transformation.

Not only does this highlight the opportunities available to would-be apprentices should they give it their all, but also provides a welcomed spotlight on how success within the construction industry can be achieved by just about anyone, should they have the willpower and know-how. Brian Berry, Chief Executive of FMB even went as far as to say: “The construction industry is ideally suited to a young person with heaps of ambition and an entrepreneurial spirit.”

Nodding to the way in which apprenticeships aren’t necessarily how often perceived, as low entry level into the industry, but actually serve as a springboard for those with the determination to succeed, effectively removing key boundaries to enter into a construction career and allowing such individuals to show their talents. And even for those not specifically looking to become their own boss, Brian Berry explains that, even for those staying in the industry the opportunities are grand, with a bricklayer of just five years’ experience traditionally earning up to £31,000 in many areas of the country, and up to £52,000 in the London area.

Perhaps now, both organisation and individual may slowly begin to recognise the opportunities available through apprenticeships in comparison to those from university studies.


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