Recently, Gentoo Tolent, a leading northern construction firm has successfully been able to confirm a £2.5m contract to develop fifteen residential properties in the Alnwick area, as appointed by Lindisfarne Homes.

The project effectively looks to convert a site presently used by the former Thomas Percy School, which has been out-of-use for a number of years now, and develop it into a combination of 2 and 3 storey properties, each with 3 and 4 bedrooms. Of those to be developed, one of the properties is to be developed using brick, primarily to sit in line with the existing aesthetics of the Blakelaw Road area, whilst the other fourteen will be developed utilising stone as the primary building material.

As the first property development contract in the area for Lindisfarne Homes, expectations and hopes are expectedly high, with the organisation greatly anticipating working alongside Gentoo Tolent over the period in a bid to deliver a range of quality, high-standard properties suitable for residential family usage. Gentoo Tolent’s Managing Director, Paul Webster, also made comment, stating the contract to be a victory for the company and a good signal for the success it hopes to achieve this year, then adding that, with regard to working with new client, Lindisfarne: “We’re delighted to be working with them on this scheme.”

As the project manager for the project, Silverstone Building Consultancy has been appointed and, as such, the organisation will be helping to arrange the various aspects of the project and its delivery, with the goal of then finishing the project at some point in November this year. Having already engaged in multiple meetings with Lindisfarne to discuss the arrangement of the project, Silverstone Building Consultancy is firmly prepared and ready to deliver on the project, with a keen eye on ensuring it is completed in time, and within the allocated budget.