Great Western Developments & Sellar Paddington Display Dedication to Infrastructure


Great Western Developments and Sellar Paddington Limited have recently restated their dedication to developing Paddington’s transport infrastructure and public realm through £65m of investment projects into improving the struggling London infrastructure of present.

The pair have proposed the development of a £1bn mixed-use development, which will aim to transform the locality into one supporting the key transport hub, and will include a 72 storey residential development, designed by Renzo Piano. The proposal, however, is still under review, but has already garnered positive comment from Network Rail, TfL, NHS London and much of the local business populace; with this in hand, the prospects presently look rather positive.

Consultation is also on the books with any and all local stakeholders, with Great Western Developments and Sellar Paddington Limited both determinedly trying to cover all their bases in delivering the transport infrastructure now deemed vital for the support of London’s ever-expanding commercial and residential traffic. Additional benefits will see the expansion of public spaces, a reduction in the amount of congestion (a well-received note for Londoners) and also the development of a brand new social and commercial centre for the Paddington area, no doubt encouraging prosperity and further traffic.

Of course, the project is heralded to have good timing, with the opening of Crossrail inherently implying that the traffic coming through Paddington station is to drastically increase over the coming times and, with the infrastructure not presently in a state fit for supporting this level of traffic, it is hoped that the pair’s keen work on the local area can prepare Paddinton as well as allowing for the local community to properly benefit from Crossrail 2.

The growth expected is actually set to present Paddington with a similar level of traffic as with many of London’s largest stations, positioning the opportunity to take advantage of this level of traffic as one which cannot, and potentially should not be ignored.


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