Growth Highlighted in Concrete Fiber Market


In recent construction news it has been reported that an increased move towards urbanisation, as well as improvements seen in the wider construction industry, may yet see a notable degree of growth within the concrete fiber market. Highlighted in a report by Transparency Market Research, the report effectively highlights those areas within which the success of the market depends upon, not solely for today, but into the future (2016 to 2023 most specifically).

Most commonly used to manage cracks occurring as a by-product of ventilation shrinkage and the reduction of plastic, concrete fibers represent one of the most favourable reinforcement materials as a direct result of the physical, and chemical attributes held within. In particular, concrete fibers are reported to offer a high degree of resistance, stability and the overall strength of the material as a result of its particular environmental, chemical, mechanical and optical attributes.

In the report, a degree of expansion has been predicted in the coming years, with the aforementioned reasoning sitting behind this. Additionally, reduced boundaries to entry in the sector has also seen an increasing competitiveness in the industry, with new industry players popping up to serve the specific requirements of smaller development projects; something to which a degree of growth thus far can be attributed.

As to where the emerging markets for concrete fibers lie, Asia Pacific has been highlighted as one of those markets enjoying a great deal of growth, with the areas having enjoyed some 40% of the global market back in 2014. As such, there are great hopes and expectation for further growth within this market, amongst others, in the times to come.

Whether the market will indeed fall in the line with the predictions made is, as always, uncertain, however the positive outlook portrayed by Transparency Market Research is to which organisations in the sector may find hope in, with the potential to benefit from renewing market confidence levels and growth out of the recession.


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