Kingspan colour coding aids assembly


Kingspan Steel Building Solutions has introduced colour coding to its steel framing systems to simplify site installation for contractors.

Colour coded markings, according to gauge
Above: Colour coded markings, according to gauge

All studs and tracks are now colour-coded according to their gauge, with the colours matching those used in Kingspan’s drawings. For example, when Kingspan Infinity software or the company’s engineers determine that a stud or track needs to be supplied in 2mm gauge steel, the design drawings will confirm the stud or track gauge in red ink. A lintel in 1.8mm gauge will be shown in blue ink.

In turn the stud or track supplied to site will be inkjet marked with the same colour, enabling contractors to identify it quickly for installation in the correct location.

Kingspan says that the new system makes it easier to understand openings, parapets and other detailing, and easier to locate and install different sections when working with design drawings.

Phil Jasper, business unit director at Kingspan Steel Building Solutions, said: “We’re committed to continuously improving our products, and ensuring our customers get the full benefit of working with Kingspan. This new coding is a simple but effective way for us to support contractors on site, and make it easier than ever before for them to use Kingspan steel framing systems.“

Stud and track colour coding key

  • 1.2mm gauge studs and tracks – marked in BLACK ink
  • 1.6mm gauge studs and tracks – marked in GREEN ink
  • 1.8mm gauge studs and tracks – marked in BLUE ink
  • 2.0mm gauge studs and tracks – marked in RED ink.




This article was published on 14 Oct 2016 (last updated on 14 Oct 2016).

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