Lagan Construction Wins London City Airport Project


A recent piece of construction news; Lagan Construction International has been announced as successful in winning a multi-million-pound contract for large infrastructure works at London’s only airport runway, at London City Airport. Works, however, are not expected to disrupt the day-to-day operations of the airport much, if at all, with Lagan Construction working outside of normal hours of operation so that disruptions to flight schedules can be avoided.

With an anticipated start date of May this year, the project will see Lagan Construction working to overlay the present runway with a grooved solution of Marshall Asphalt, as well as works to widen and reinforce some of the runway’s taxiways. In addition, works are also set to include the refurbishing of the present drainage network, as well as the addition of a brand new pit and duct network. Upgrades are also to be made to lighting fixtures, with the addition of LED lighting alongside the addition of a brand solution for new centre line lighting.

Completion of the works is planned for November this year, with the works done on the runway regarded as a major project which will play a vital role in the future-proofing of the runway at London City Airport, and essentially the only runway presently in London itself, as explained by Darren Grover, Chief Operating Officer of London City Airport. Also nodding to the challenges of the project, he added: “The runway overlay is a major project, made more complex by the unique location of our runway surrounded by water on three sides.”

Of course, with Lagan Construction having a tried-and-tested reputation for performing on airport infrastructure projects, Steve Turner, Director of International Operations at Lagan displayed confidence in the team to be able to deliver both air-side and ground-side support facilities, as result of the experience and skills of the team, backed up by the technology to support effective delivery of works.


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