Market Prospects Positive for Performance Films


A surge in interest for speciality and performance films is on the horizon, figures suggest. Brought about through increasing growth within the flexible packaging and solar energy industries, it is expected that there will be an interested interest in, and focus upon new films which are able to offer enhanced mechanical and aesthetic value for customers brought about through new, innovative production techniques.

With packaging sector professionals taking a great step forward from more traditional means of production, organisations are now increasingly being seen to incorporate advanced technologies and develop new, innovative methods of producing packaging as backed by notable growth in the wider industry. Of the new, innovative products brought to the market as a result, performance, speciality films are of the most prominent, with such films boasting improved protection in ensuring that products such as perishable items remain undamaged. Additionally, the films have also been shown to bring considerable benefits for with Solar PV and other electrical goods due to conductivity levels.

In an official report put out there by Transparency Market Research, it has been highlighted that these films are on the brink of extreme market interest, with a projected value of the performance films market sitting at $42.21 at the close of 2019. And while the growth up until this point is naturally expected to be a steady increase, those organisations involved in the production of performance and speciality films are expected to be provided with ample opportunity to take advantage of the increasingly dominating market.

In other areas of film development, research and development has been conducted with the view to bringing water-soluble films to the market also, offering a highly sustainable solution for green-conscious companies. That said, performance films are presently reliant upon crude oil production, which remains less friendly towards the environment. This, as a result, means the market may remain fairly volatile as a result of regular changes in oil pricing as well as the public’s view of the industry. And so, looking forward, the challenge to put to manufacturers of such films is quite clearly to find a way to combine the best of both worlds and, if this can be achieved, success can, in turn, be all but assured.


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