New Renewables Supply Scheme Launched


Through support offered from the new SmartestEnergy initiative, it has been announced that those businesses aiming to display role model conduct in responsible practice, will in turn be able to enjoy an increased level of confidence in the responsible nature of renewables procured.

As the UK’s largest procurer of renewables in the independent generation sector, SmartestEnergy maintains an enviable industry position. Yet, utilising this position in a positive manner, the SmartestEnergy Tariff Emission Factor Model has been established, in association with the Carbon Trust, to enable the organisation to distribute renewable certificates for pinpointed tariffs and customers, allowing for a more effective supply-to-source link between the generation of the energy and the customer.

How this will be perceived is far less complicated however, as labels are to be created so that each individual customer can see the relative source of their energy, as well as the associated carbon emissions from such generation. Further to this, those customers looking to utilise the facility to exert greater control over the energy they purchase will be able to select the renewable technology they would like their electricity to be generated from.

Though renewables as a whole have already been heralded as the future for the energy generation sector, the initiative effectively puts a degree of control in the hands of the customer, but most importantly informs and equips people with the information they need to assess their preferences on the renewable technology medium they support most. Of course, not only will this allow for improved awareness of environmental impacts associated with energy generation, but will also allow for increased differentiation between differing renewable technologies; indeed, not all renewables are the same.

Robert Groves, Chief Executive Officer of SmartestEnergy commented on the new label, and system, saying: “We recognise some organisations will want to go further and specify the types of renewable electricity they buy – whether that be just from natural sources or from a particular technology or project – and we can also support that.”


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