NLA Highlights Tenant Satisfaction


It has recently been reported that East Midlands based renters are happier with their landlord in contrast with any other location in England. The research, carried out by the NLA, highlighted that some 83% of renters in the area commented on their satisfaction with their present landlord, with those from the North West and South West coming in at a joint level of 82% satisfaction.

The figures highlight some of the drastic differences in levels of satisfaction, with, in contrast to the North West, only 67% of those in the North East being satisfied with their landlord – this, in fact, heralding the lowest value of all those reported in the UK. This figure also falls short of the average level of satisfaction shown in the report, where approximately 79% commented on their satisfaction with their landlord.

As for the rest of the results, 3rd Place in the report went to the South East, followed by the West Midlands, Yorkshire and Humber, London, Eastern England and the North East which came in at 80%, 79%, 73%, 72%, 71% and 67% respectively. Commenting on the report, Richard Lambert, Chief Executive Officer of the NLA nodded to the sheer quantity of good landlords which are represented in the market and that, while often portrayed to be quite “uncertain and unhappy”, the private rent sector is actually far better than most people think it is.

Landlords, of course, are not on their own in supporting the tenants, however, as the NLA does indeed also offer a range of training systems so that they can provide the best possible environment for their tenants. Richard Lambert also highlighted the importance of other parties, such as governmental departments, stepping up their involvement in this support, encouraging both national and local governmental parties to also chip in for the betterment of the sector.


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