Ofgem Highlights Western Power Distribution’s Hard Work


It has recently been highlighted by Ofgem that DNOs should follow in the footsteps of Western Power Distribution in a bid to develop the operational capacities of their grids. The call-out to other DNOs has been made after recognition for Western Power Distribution’s move towards maximising the capacity it has within its grids through the provision of flexible connections to renewable developers.

As of right now, Western Power Distribution has queued approximately 7.6GW of generators, which some 4.8GW of that comprising of solar panel schemes set to improve the ratio between renewable and non-renewable energy sources – something which is widely regarded as a positive step forward in ensuring the sustainable future of the market.

Most specifically, Ofgem nodded to Western Power Distribution’s reconfiguration of subsections of the grid to allow for connections to be made far more swiftly, as well as how the organisation has been pioneering the usage of flexible connections, such that generators commit to cutting their output during period of considerable demand without any form of compensation to then be reconnected.

Additionally, as a result of the increasing size of the renewable energy market, Ofgem has also called for DNOs to also look into new methods through which they may be able to deliver further capacity and improve the speed of connections; this is primarily to be through the use of funding in price controls. Presently, Ofgem has also been assessing schemes put forward by DNOs to facilitate investment.

Dermot Nolan, Chief Executive of Ofgem commented: “We want DNOs to take creative approaches to speeding up renewable connections,” then adding that such organisations should also be looking to enable earlier investment into expanding capacity where necessary, allowing for a minimisation of energy bills across the board. Additionally, it has been stated that Ofgem has also issued a consultation to collate feedback from renewable generators on how well they feel that DNOs are actually communicating with potential network customers.


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