19 August 2016 | Martin Read

A survey of 551 large organisations in North America and Western Europe has found that improvements in predictive analytics and the development of mobile communications strategies will characterise successful document outsourcing service providers in the coming years.


The findings are published by InfoTrends, a market research and consulting firm for the imaging, document solutions, production print and digital media industries. Entitled Service Expansion Opportunities for Document Outsourcing in 2016, the report builds on insights from previous research and is a response to the suggestion that the relevance of print-only document outsourcing contracts is in decline. Emerging service opportunities, market opportunities and other customer requirements were identified in interviews with customers in financial services, insurance, consumer packaged goods, and other vertical industries.


“Enterprises are seeking external support for channel-agnostic delivery of communications, as well as support through creative services, data management, analytics, and other value-added services,” said Matt Swain, senior director of InfoTrends’ customer communications services.


“While document outsourcing providers often already have deep and long-standing relationships for print production, management, and mailing, it is critical for these providers to continue to evolve their business offerings to maintain margins and remain relevant.”

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