The Supply Chain – Utilising Local Contractors


Increasingly, all aspects of the supply chain are facing increased pressured to act with responsibility and sustainability always at the fore. As such, many construction contractors, service providers, designers, architects and even material suppliers are being faced with conditions for work relating to the approach that they take to minimising their environmental impacts, as well as providing sustainable solutions for clients so as best to support the future growth of the sector.

Whilst, to some degree, this is seeing many organisations make a clear push towards effective corporate social responsibility (always a good thing), the most notable achievement is the ever-increasing emphasis placed on the effective utilisation of local labour, contractors and increasingly, suppliers.

Whilst many construction companies do indeed have a list of dedicated suppliers for key materials, subcontractors and specialist services, it is increasingly being seen that many projects will maintain a healthier balance of those contractors involved, with a clear mixture of national and local supply chain partners. What this effectively means is that, whilst national supply chain partners are still, in effect prospering, the doors yet remain open for smaller, local businesses who wish to engage in incredible feats of construction.

Beyond face value, this not only means that local businesses are able to access more areas of work, should they pursue it with the right contractor, but it also gives such businesses the chance to work on key local developments which may form a part of the communities within which they work. Additionally, as is usually the case with smaller supply chain partners, a keenness to impress main contractors has also been observed which, firstly has helped to support the delivery of high quality works and services yet, secondly also allows for easier relationship development between main and sub contractors who recognise the need to make an impression on any and all works which they secure.


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