Thames Water Achieves Great Success in Scotland


Great success has been highlighted for Thames Water, with the organisation’s retail division successfully increasing the size of its Scottish customer base by greater than 100% over the previous year. The present number of sites, sitting at 1,300 in total, serves to foreshadow the organisations ambition to improve its presence in England’s non-household retail market sector.

The present client network highlights an over-achievement on the company’s part, actually surpassing those targets initially set out for the company to increase its client base twofold only, up to 1,200 sites. Of course, the news is surely of a positive note for Thames Water, with the results highlighting the quality of the service on offer to the market.

With 2016 predicted to be one of the best year’s for Thames Water yet, it is expected that the company will be able to continue this trend of growth over the course of the year, primarily in terms of the number of clients being handled by the organisation. Additionally, the level of service provided is also expected to be maintained across the increasing network, with Thames Water displaying a commitment to sustaining the “unparalleled service to clients” onto and into the future.

Thames Water Commercial Services has also stated that it believes the success achieved in Scotland to be attributed to the increased importance being perceived in managing your water supply as has historically been seen in the gas and electricity industries – industries whereby customers are often changing provider in accordance with new pricing and external factors on a very regular basis.

Having operated in the Scottish market for just under three years, the notable success of the company already in tapping into the potential of this market is noted. The English market, however, is due to open as of April 2017, with some 1.2m non-household customers based primarily, or entirely in England to then select their preferred supplier of water and wastewater services.


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