Top 6 Packaging Tips


In today’s society, items big and small are finding themselves imported and exported round the world at an alarming rate of speed and efficiency. A lot of the time, consumers and businesses are left feeling angry due to the unintentional state a product arrives in. If the item is of a fragile nature, of course the common sense approach in this situation would be to wrap it appropriately, but it would surprise you the volume of people who just take the cheapest approach when sending away any item. This can all too often lead to disaster, but alas! Disaster and calamity can be averted if you take guidance on the following top six packaging tips.

  1. Recycling

When packaging items, why not consider recycling boxes that have not been damaged? You should be careful with this tip however as many boxes and items of packaging will seem of a high quality, but exposure to certain weather conditions may have caused the material in them to break down, yet not visibly, over time. This includes only using ‘like new’ boxes.

  1. Immobilisation

The best way to ensure security of fragile products is to ensure immobilisation. Making sure that certain products are unable to move within the packaging is making sure that nothing will break. The air spaces left in a box could be filled with packaging material to ensure items have no room to shake and break.

  1. Purchase in Bulk

If you are going to be sending away more than one item, or if you yourself are a mass product producer, buying boxes and packaging in bulk will enable a more economically friendly solution.

  1. Correct Sizing

This is an economically friendly tip as well because buying the right size of packaging will mean that you have less packaging material to purchase. Buying the correct size of packaging will also ensure a more secure form of packaging for your product.

  1. Stick to the Correct Dimensions

When packaging, wrap the products you have in the appropriate fashion – you would not wrap a table like a lightbulb or vice versa.

  1. Only Purchase from Quality-Assured Firms

Although you may instinctively be looking to save a bit of money when buying anything, purchasing cheaper and lower quality forms of packaging may result in tears if the packaging breaks downs. Searching Google for quality-assured firms will give you the best results, and also a range of reviews so you can find exactly what it is you are searching for.

Although packaging is not at the forefront of anyone’s mind when dealing with industrial products, or any product for that matter of fact, it should be something every packager should consider to ensure high quality of their product and above all, security.

By Lucy Miller at Smarter Digital Marketing for Ferrari Packaging & BDC Magazine.


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