Travis Perkins Wins Most Innovative Supplier for the 2016 Housing Innovation Awards


Fending off keen industry competition, Travis Perkins Managed Services has successfully come head and shoulders above the rest in the 2016 Housing Innovation Awards. Named the Most Innovative Supplier in this year’s award, Travis Perkins was successful in defeating 4 other organisations nominated for the award, which is headed up by Excel Publishing. Of course, this builds upon the company’s continued success in the industry, where it is commonly seen as a role model for other organisations in the business of supplying the construction sector.

Created to showcase the best, brightest, most innovative and unique schemes and services within the housing market, the awards are spread across fifteen categories which range in topic. For Travis Perkins’ award, it has been stated that the judges looked for supply chain partners playing a key role in minimising the costs of their clients, whilst simultaneously maintaining (if not improving) the level of quality offered in both product and service. Additionally, environmental concerns were taken into account, with suppliers partnering with clients to reduce carbon emissions and improve overall efficiencies getting a nod.

As the largest building products supplier in the UK, Travis Perkins Plc places a great deal of weight behind Travis Perkins Managed Services, which is able to offer flexible services for all manner of organisation throughout the public sector, helping them to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and enhance repair and maintenance schemes. The first partnership for Travis Perkins Managed Services heralds back to 2004, where the organisation worked with Wrekin Housing Trust to supply them with materials and provide major savings as a result. Since then, the organisation has come on in leaps and bounds, working with public sector organisations of all shapes and sizes, such as the NHS and numerous education, local council and housing association type organisations.

Commenting on the company’s success in winning the award, Stuart Hough, the organisation’s Managing Director expressed his delight, nodding to the important role which innovation plays in the company’s day to day operations. He explained: “While the broad offering is around supply chain streamlining every customer is different and we have to be able to adapt to offer them innovative tailor-made solutions.” In effect, this has led to the company keeping a keen eye on the future of the sector, keeping abreast of the latest changes and developments so as best to ensure that it is able to offer a service rich in quality, whilst efficient and cost effective.


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