Wembley Contract Success with Vital Energi


To follow from Vital Energi’s success in being awarded the contract for the North West Lands scheme, one of the key phases for the development at Wembley Park, it has been confirmed that the scheme will be receiving a low carbon energy solution to boot. To run between February of this year through to May of next, the initiative will see the company install a brand new energy centre fully equipped with a 854kWe CHP generator as well as 9 250kW boilers and an additional thermal store space of 12mᶟ.

Positioned in the Block E basement, the aforementioned centre will be set to offer heating and hot water across 4 different developments for residential use, and will also incorporate thermally efficient district heating pipework as part of the company’s commitment to also supplying the network for distribution. Upon completion, the North West Village will incorporate around one thousand homes, in addition to amenities, food and dining venues and additional spaces for leisure and community usage.

Vital Energi will be providing its solution as part of the overarching development for Quintain, under Wates Construction. And commenting on the wider project, Rob Callaghan, Regional Director for Vital Energi explained that the park will be equipped to, firstly provide a wonderful village for the London area, but will also provide further infrastructure and support from an energy generation and distribution perspective. He added: “The developers have a clear view for a low carbon, sustainable community and we are thrilled to be helping them achieve that goal.” As such, the development will showcase a modern approach to sustainable communities and how they can be developed in a way which is both of interest to the potential residents, but also facilitate further growth and prosperity in the area as well as a degree of independent sustenance.


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