Working At Height, Don’t be Fooled by Myths


Working at height has been a popular topic of discussion for some time, and while there are clear best practice techniques outlined by the HSE, there are also a multitude of key myths abound which may yet confuse the issues and challenges faced when working at height. As such, a little clarity can go a long way in helping to understand the safety implications of working at height.

Of course, with the HSE regarding working at heights to be one of the most common causes of industrial injuries and accidental death, both employers and their operatives are required to take all manner of precautionary care to ensure that they are protected above and beyond traditional safety standards in ground-based roles. Of course, the key way in which legal requirements can be met is quite simple, by not working at heights at all, yet, if this proves impossible, methodologies must be pursued to best ensure the safety of those working in such environments.

Yet, while there are some clear ways through which employers and employees can ensure a level of safety which is compliant, there are a number of less-founded ways of doing so, with some even making the situation worse; the myths that detract from the key issues and challenges of working at heights Of these myths, one of the most predominant is that of CE markings – the belief that CE marking and safety are synonymous.

Yet, while CE marked products can indeed be a positive step forward, the very notion that CE marking alone makes products safe for use is a myth which can lead employers and employees into believing that they are using safe products, when this may not always be the case. Key considerations which must be taken into account include the very nature of the task at hand, of course, and while certain products may be suitable for one task, the reliability and safety of the same product in an entirely alternate scenario is one which employers should, and to a degree, must look into individually.


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