Is Buying Off-Plan the Way Forward for Getting onto the Property Ladder?


Increasingly, with the recovery of the property market, housing prices have been on the rise. While the figures do highlight a positive outlook for the sector, with the government encouraging people to now invest into the market through getting on the property ladder themselves, there are concerns abound as to how the average resident of Britain can afford to get onto the ever-steepening ladder.

Of those options available, buying off-plan has proven to be a measure dubbed quite appealing to a sizeable chunk of those aiming to get onto the property ladder sooner than later. In fact, the very notion of reserving a property during the earliest stages of the construction process can, in some instances, even allow for an increment in property value before even reaching the completion of construction – an investment many are unable to ignore. Of course, this also provides the opportunity to reserve property at a more manageable price.

Expectedly, buying off-plan is certainly a case of acting fast. Not solely regarding choosing the best property available, but it has also been reported that some of the best value packages are also offered at the earliest of stages; moving slow, in this instance, can make a considerable difference. Of course, this doesn’t mean individuals should rush either, and potential buyers are urged to double, triple and quadruple check property dimensions as well as progress of the project to ensure it fits the bill.

Also quite beneficial in choosing to purchase a property off-plan can prove to be the option to select fittings, finishes and fixtures from some developers before ever moving in. Of course, with all this done before the contractor even finishes on the site, this allows for a far greater deal of customisation and personalisation in a much easier and oft more affordable way; effectively, building your home from ground up, and not a house to convert into a home at a later date.


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